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Introducing EZBookit

Our company was founded in 1999 as Planet Zerep Studios and renamed to Indigo Dynamic Networks (IDN) in 2001. We have a long and successful history of creating custom business management software solutions, with 170+ unit installations across the US and Mexico.  At the corporate level, we continue to serve entire franchises, primarily in the children bounce house industry.  Clients tell us our strengths include, “providing full-unit management software”, “an ability to provide real time revenue reporting,” and “including revenue leakage detection.”

We’ve built our success on our Promerion Online Management System (POMS).   POMS is our proprietary software platform that allows us to help you configure, manage, and streamline your unique business needs.  Coupled with our expert knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles, we design a service process that compliments the way you already do business. You not only get a service delivery platform… you get a business process consultation.

At all client levels, a PCI DSS compliant Point of Sale application is seamlessly built-in to compliment your unique service delivery requirements. POMS features also include multiple push marketing options, service & resource scheduling, real time accounts receivable information, inventory management, custom reporting, as well as a host of other process/business management features.

Our goal is to help all business owners get out of the weeds of daily waiver management, booking, and payment processing, so they can get back to growing their business.  We are vested in our clients, understand their unique needs, and deliver thoughtful cost-effective business software solutions.

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Schedule a Custom Demo 1-888-GO-INDIGO (464-6344)

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